Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems

Our Mission.

Our goal is to provide the best fire safety services at the most competitive pricing.

Our Approach.
We launch from a platform of excellence, a collaborative environment with the tools and support to meet your needs.

Who We Are.

We are success stories, we are effort, we are energy, and we are results. We are the solution to your life safety needs.

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Our Culture.

With a “family first” approach and commitments such as “required first day of school”, the rest takes care of itself.

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Meet The Team.

The Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems team brings 200 plus years of combined executive, estimating, design and installation experience.

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Who We Are.

We are the men and women of Sprinklermatic, we are the solution to your life safety needs, we are the answer to your Fire Protection Systems, but most of all we are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. Within the community we are leaders, we are the sum of all parts. We are success stories, we are effort, we are energy, and we are results.

We launch from a platform of excellence, a collaborative environment with the tools and support to meet your needs.

Having delivered concierge service to our vast client base for 30 years, we are very strong moving through this economy; as we have established untouched lines of credit, strong financials and a healthy backlog.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best service and most competitive pricing available. The Sprinklermatic team has over 200 years of executive, estimating and design experience. This knowledge allows us to be diversified in the type of work we are qualified and capable of performing. In addition, we maintain a high bonding capacity ($20 million single and $50 Million Aggregate), with Liberty Mutual; an A+XV AM Rating with additional job references, available upon request.

We are a small business doing big business; keeping it small enough to give you the hands on service and results you deserve. Our success is simply doing what we said we would do.


Our Culture.

When you hear “family first” in the workplace, it’s often cliche. At Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems we make no bones about how we say it, “family first, right after SPrINKlermatic”. Truth be told, the energy and effort that our team puts in every day allow those moments, good or bad, to truly mean family first!

With corporate commitments such as “required the first day of school” and only hiring “good humans” the rest takes care of itself.

Our culture is a place where you have to have photos of your family on the wall. We want to hear about a recently earned red or black belt; how you bought your first house, or how you brought your family from a foreign land. It’s imperative that you make your children’s recital or open house.

How do you do that?

You work towards your goals, you lean on your team, you cross-train and mentor everyday!

You do all of that so that when family unexpectedly has to come first and your heart sinks, you know we have your back because you’ve had ours!

We are forever grateful to have been mentored and trained to build this business in the same light that it started: with humility, honor and a real “Family First” culture!

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Meet the Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems Team

Robin Collier and Tim O’Brien have spent the last decade building their employee base. In particular, much of their time has been invested in Developing the Management Team. Their philosophy is to “train employees to leave, but motivate them to stay.” By this, they mean they want to invest a lot of time and capital in their employees to train them to be the best at their job but inspire them to stay with Sprinklermatic. Robin and Tim’s background are as follows:

Robin Collier - Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems

Robin Collier

Robin Collier is the President of Sprinklermatic and has been for over 20 years. In his own words: “I live, breathe and eat fire sprinkler.” At the age of 16, Robin started working with his father, George, the owner of Sprinklermatic, Inc. (a unionized business). His father taught him the ins-and-outs of the trade – beginning with his summers in high school and continued throughout his time at college, where he worked full-time and earned his degree. In 1997, Robin opened Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems (non-Union).

From 1997 until present day, Robin has operated as the Company’s President. In that time, he helped bring the Company from a <$1 million business to >$35 million business. In his capacity at Sprinklermatic, he designs, estimates, troubleshoots, inspects and actively builds relationships in the community through education. Robin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University (Miami) in Construction Management. In his free time, Robin can be found with his wife Lori and their three beautiful girls Summer, Rainn and Star – it doesn’t matter where as long as he is with them.


Timothy O’Brien

Timothy O’Brien (“Tim”) is the Vice President of Sprinklermatic. He joined the Company in 2002 and has been instrumental in its growth over the last 15 years. In his capacity, Tim oversees all aspects of operations with regards to fire sprinkler and fire alarm construction/service projects. Furthermore, he manages all of the financial components of the business, including: bookkeeping, bonding activity, insurance acquisition, etc. He began his career in an entrepreneurial fashion: he was the Owner/Operator of Mid-Town Vending, an Atlanta, GA-based vending service Company that provided Entertainment services throughout the state with over 350 locations. Tim earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and his Masters of Science in Executive Leadership from the St. Thomas University (Miami). Additionally, he has completed coursework at the University of Alabama. Tim strongly believes in the development of his team – he has invested a lot of time and resources in developing the employees of Sprinklermatic. He values himself as an effective and motivational leader, continually increasing efficiency and value in the team. In his free time, Tim can be found with his wife Alise daughter Campbell Eve and their two Labradors (Bosco and Doc), fishing or competing in long distance running events.

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