BIM (Building Information Modeling) Design

3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) Design

Solitaire Brickell Fire Pumps

Having our design team, led by Scott Searing SET, work with Balfour Beatty and ZOM on the Solitaire at Brickell project has been an incredible pleasure. The viewpoints showcased here provide great insight to how complicated this building really is. With (3) Diesel fire pumps, fed in series, all trades had to be involved in coordinating the fire protection systems. Marcus Nicely, of Balfour Beatty, provided a collaborative environment leading the BIM efforts. He allowed the trades to use the overhead coordination, and clash detection, to its full capacity.

These early efforts, in design collaboration, have fostered a very successful field environment for all trades involved. Working with industry leaders such as Power Design, Rightway Plumbing and Jorda mechanical the project is currently tracking ahead of schedule, and will be ready to top out in late April. BIM efforts can often create a downside in the field when not properly applied. Ever Padilla has worked with the Team at Balfour Beatty, led By Jim Zupancic, Roman Orofino, and Jeremiah Sizer, to create an AS-BIM AS-BUILT deliverable to the owner.

Sprinklermatic has been drawing in 3-D for over 13 years. Should you be seeking design services or a trade partner that can bring this experience to the table, please reach out to our team to see the level of detail we can provide for your next venture. Visit our YouTube page, for some examples of this work.


Excuse me while I kiss the Sky

"Excuse me while I kiss the Sky"

James Hendrix, 1970

I believe Mr. Hendrix may have said it first, however the TEAM at the Panorama Tower can certainly feel confident in echoing that sentiment, having risen above the clouds this past January, the tallest building between here and NYC certainly is making a statement. This amazing 868 ft. tower, developed by the team at Florida East Coast Realty, and built by the Tutor Perini Building Corporation, is creating a race to the sky here in Miami. With recent FAA approvals, this community is about to see what we call in the marlin fishing community a “grander” at better than 1000 feet.

Our team, led by Scott Gorham and David Stewart, met the first challenge in early 2016 by getting the first 16 floors of parking open. The man‐hours that went into that effort alone was amazing, however to see the team pull together the next 66 floors has been a great deal of fun to watch. This fire protection system is intricate to say the least. When Robin Collier first met with the team he literally had to go to the drawing board to better understand the pumping systems and water requirements. He pulled in Design Team Leaders, Brian Reynolds and Scott Searing SET, while working very closely with Kris Singh at Steven Feller PE, it wasn’t long before we knew we could do it. With 5 pumps, a break tank, and 22,000 gallons of water held at the roof and pumping down the building, Miami had seen nothing like it. The collaboration between Developer, Builder, Designer of Record, and contractors has created a team that will deliver a monumental project here in Miami.