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Hurricane Emergency Plan

Hurricane Emergency Plan

Hurricane Emergency Plan

Hurricane season is here, and if you own or operate a business in the State of Florida you should always be prepared with a hurricane emergency plan. In this article we cover the two parts of a hurricane emergency plan: emergency preparedness plan and emergency recovery plan.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Having a hurricane preparedness plan can be the key to safely navigating your business and staff through impending danger, and ensuring a safe and speedy return to normal operations once it’s passed.

Use the following steps to prepare your business for hurricane damage:

  • Monitor forecasts closely to stay updated on storm trajectory and always follow the instructions of emergency management services.
  • Verify that your employee contact list is up to date.
  • Secure your facility and board up any doors or windows.
  • Clean out your floor drains and catch basins and ensure your sump pumps are working properly.
  • Fill fuel tanks on your fire pump and emergency generator, as well as your vehicle.
  • Evaluate your fire protection systems to verify if they are storm ready by contacting a licensed fire protection company to inspect ahead of the storm.
  • Shut off piping carrying gas or flammable liquids in case a pipe breaks during the storm.
  • Shut down production processes safely and turn off the electricity for all non-essential equipment.
  • Evacuate your employees.

Emergency Recovery Plan

After the storm has passed, contact your employees to make sure they are safe.  Organize a recovery team to begin getting your business back on its feet once emergency agencies say it’s safe to return.

Your recovery team should include all of your key team members and trusted vendors: electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection, as well as general maintenance people for cleanup. Designate a recovery team leader who is responsible for getting cleanup supplies, as well as replacement parts and equipment. Your team leader should assess the damage and create an action plan to address the following:

  • Structural damage to your building.
  • Potential hazards, to include: gas leaks, water leaks, downed power lines, and exposed electrical wires.
  • Make temporary repairs so people can safely access the building.
  • Restore electrical, mechanical, and life safety systems to normal operating condition.
  • Eliminate ignition sources that could start a fire.
  • Establish a procedure for removing storm and, or reconstruction debris.
  • Assess and prioritize damaged contents to see what can be salvaged.
  • Photograph and/or videotape any damage.

Your recovery team will need to perform an assessment of all your electrical, mechanical, and fire protection systems. Your water supply should also be tested for possible contaminants before being utilized for potable purposes.

Restoration of electrical service, and equipment should only be performed by a trained and certified technician.  They should check all equipment to ensure that it has been totally dried and tested before electrical circuits are reenergized.

All fire protection equipment, alarms, and sprinkler systems should be checked for damage, and the fire department should be notified if any of those systems will be out of service.  If life safety systems must remain out of operation you should hire a licensed security company to perform a continual fire watch until all systems are restored service.

Finally, keep your team informed of any unsafe conditions and keep them updated on the progress of recovery operations.

If you would like assistance in evaluating the preparedness of your property or business’ fire and life safety systems or if you need help getting your fire protection systems back in working order after a storm, please don’t hesitate to contact Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems, Inc. at 954-327-3686 or

Where Our Clients Go, We Go.

Where Our Clients Go, We Go.

It was said to Sprinklermatic by more than one client, "We needed you in Tampa, but we really need you in Orlando." The company's response to those clients was simply, "Where you go, we go." And as with everything else in Orlando, the results of this expansion have been magical.

Sprinklermatic believes that when you're fortunate enough to build an amazing team of people and base of clients, it's your responsibility to honor, listen to and follow them.

For many years, the company felt that expansion would diminish its brand and capacity. However, what it's found with its Tampa office is that the community, clients and team were requesting this for a reason. By bringing its family culture, customer commitment and education to new communities, Sprinklermatic has been able to attract local talent to each of its offices, we are very excited to announce that Jeremy Cook joins Sprinklermatic as Central Florida Sales & Estimating with over 22 years’ experience in the fire sprinkler industry. His career started in the field and rapidly transitioned through design into sales and operations. This well-rounded history will support our expansion with both the client and the team. Jeremy's work experience and family values are exactly the combination we desire in a team member.

Did you know that Sprinklermatic has a team of more than 275 amazing men and women who service 34 counties and roll trucks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Regardless of the size or type of project, the company is here to serve your fire-protection needs. Sprinklermatic has the strength in market to provide design-build solutions across a diverse range of installations, from aircraft hangers to K-12, higher education, health care (ACHA), assisted living, hospitality and high-rise projects.

Sprinklermatic’s history and experience are the pillars of its future in Orlando. Contact Jeremy Cook at, Robin Collier at or Timothy O'Brien at, as we would love to interview with you and discuss how we can add value.

Thought Leaders in Construction

Thought Leaders in Construction

In the ever-changing business of construction, it’s said that one must “change or die” or “evolve or dissolve.” While change can often be overwhelming or uncomfortable, at Sprinklermatic, we believe in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We stretch and exercise each and every day to better our performance. We are constantly reviewing what we do, how we do it and who we are willing to do it with to achieve the best results with the most efficient efforts. We are aiming to be the best thought leaders in construction we can be.

Sprinklermatic’s forward-thinking team members are continuously challenged to bring forth new ideas in hardware, software and workflow. When people visit our facilities, whether it’s South Florida (Davie), West Florida (Tampa Bay) or our newest location in Central Florida (Orlando), they are often amazed by the video conferencing that is live in all three locations, along with the feel of the open space complemented by privacy through glass partitions.

Each desktop station is equipped with a camera so that Sprinklermatic team members can “find their mirror” in each location. This unique ultra-open workspace allows each team member to add value in a collaborative manner from hundreds or even thousands of miles away at our design office in Ranchi, India. Our 12 fulltime designers who work on some of the largest projects in Florida are equipped with the most up-to-date machines, both desktop and laptop, which have enough horsepower and video speed to work efficiently in our design-build capacity with Navis, Revit and AutoCad. We are constantly training team members on our software to maintain relevance in changing times.

Sprinklermatic’s field personnel are equipped with real-time facial  recognition timekeeping software that tracks performance, productivity and  onsite safety. This tool, along with  project management software and blueprint change management software, eliminates waste by enabling immediate information sharing from concept to  construction, mastering an “as BIM = as  built” delivery.

If you’re an owner’s rep, developer, general contractor or incredible human being seeking a team of thought leaders and change agents in construction, we encourage you to try out our team. Whether it’s two sprinkler heads to be relocated or 20,000 heads to be provided in a design-build LOD 500 IPD delivery, we can support your needs.

If you’re that person who’s curious in nature, enjoys collaborating and loves to be challenged, we will make a place for you. Reach out directly to Robin Collier at or Timothy O’Brien at to schedule a consultation.


Design Manager Thought Leaders in Construction
Thought Leaders in Construction - Design Manager Scott Searing works on a 3D BIM model.


fire protection tampa - services provided by sprinklermatic florida

Fire Protection Tampa Florida: Extending Our Services

Extending Our Services: Fire Protection Tampa Florida

Go west young man, Go West!

In a small office in the corner of a home, with a pipe rack and fittings in the garage, Sprinklermatic sprung from its humble beginnings in 1987. With long nights of accounting, estimating, days of turning wrenches and honoring clients, little by little, a formidable brand has been built in the South Florida market, building some of the tallest towers and most complex projects in town. 

The team of now more than 210 members has decided to go west. Our client base of contractors and developers has asked that we push into the Gulf Coast market so we will follow the road map that made us successful some 30 years ago: hard work and humility. It is imperative that our successes on the East Coast transition west, bringing years of experience in leadership to a growing market, and offering design-build delivery methods and knowledge of systems to an area that will soon require multiple zone pumps in its quest for taller structures. Sprinklermatic’s team will be an obvious answer for the coming challenges.

The team, led by Robin Collier in estimating and sales and Timothy O’Brien in operations looks forward to bringing solutions to a new marketplace. We offer training and education on estimating of fire protection as it relates to the most current standards and state requirements, along with best practices in closeout of projects that minimize stretched dates on certificate of occupancy. Sprinklermatic’s goal is to not only deliver our discipline on time but to assist the team in bringing all of the life-safety systems across the finish line in a well-sequenced, collaborative manner. In addition, we maintain a high bonding capacity ($20 million single and $50 million aggregate) with Liberty Mutual and an A+XV A M Rating, with additional job references available upon request.

Fire Protection Tampa Florida offered by Sprinklermatic

Moving West - Fire Protection Tampa, Florida

The obvious concern for all parties pushing west is manpower. Our solution is simple: We will only sign up for what we can do. Our success in South Florida has simply been following through with our word. Sprinklermatic’s goal is to personally come and meet with your team, introduce our highly qualified West Coast team, and determine how we can partner with you in making your next project a success with the same humble, hardworking approach that has given us the opportunity to do so.

For more information, please feel free to reach us at 813 508-2776, or