We Remember What You've Done For Us

We Remember What You’ve Done For Us

The word “thank” comes from the Latin word tongēre. The root tong- means “think.” Loosely translated, the expression might read “I will remember what you have done for me.” And to that we can’t help but think back to where this all started and remember what our mentor George “Gene” Collier did for us, he instilled core values in us and taught us that the most important parts of this company were the team members and the clients, we would be nowhere without them.

So, to the team regardless of seniority or position we say Thank you and we certainly will remember and honor what you do for us and our clients.

President Robin Collier (right) and Helper Timothy O’Brien

What you do every day keeps people safe in the scariest of moments and allows them to make it to safety and preserve their assets. You do this without fail consistently and for the last 32 years that commitment to consistency has allowed us to grow from the corner of a living room in Miami to now four locations in Florida servicing 34 counties.

This organic growth cannot be done without solid roots in each community, you can often hear in our office “You can’t grow a tree without roots.” As we have ventured out to new communities, we have been fortunate to find new team members that have a desire to honor their families, their team members and their clients by providing incredible service with honor and integrity, focusing on a purpose not a project. In allowing those local life safety experts to have the backdrop of Sprinklermatic University and the culture of Sprinklermatic, the team the client and community are stronger and safer together.  Thank you so very much for that!

We are repeatedly humbled by our continued client loyalty; they have over the years encouraged us to become better. Whether it was a safety training requirement or a different insurance policy, whether we liked it or not, it translated into us being a better company and better leaders.

Mentor George “Gene” Collier, 2005

Being in the fire sprinkler business is not glamorous, we don’t get the front page for lighting up the building, the amazing millwork or the glamorous finishes. When we get the front page it means that what we do every day worked when it was supposed to, we honored our team and our client, we followed the codes and standards to insure that the lives and buildings we protect were more important than the recognition. However when we are recognized as being a top specialty contractor, we realize it has very little to do with us and much more to do with the team, and to that we say thank you. “We remember what you have done for us!”

Robin and Tim


Sprinklermatic office, 2001

Best Practices Day, Sprinklermatic headquarters, 2018

¡Apreciamos Lo Que Han Hecho Por Nosotros!

La palabra “gracias” viene del Latin “tong re” y la raíz de “tong” significa pensar. Traducido literalmente, la frase puede interpretarse como “siempre recordemos lo que han hecho por nosotros”. Dicho esto, me hace recordar lo que nuestro mentor George “Gene” Collier hizo por nosotros. El nos inculcó los valores fundamentales y nos enseñó que lo más importante para la compañía son su equipo de trabajo y sus clientes, sin ellos nos seremos nada.

President Robin Collier (right) and Helper Timothy O’Brien

Así que, equipo, independientemente de su antigüedad o puesto, les decimos ¡Gracias! Y tenga por seguro que valoramos lo que hacen por la compañía y nuestros clientes. Lo que hacen todos los días mantienen a salvo a muchas personas de situaciones peligrosas y les permiten mantenerse seguros y conservar sus pertenencias. Por los pasados 32 años, ustedes han realizado este trabajo sin fallas y esa determinación nos ha permitido crecer de ser una pequeña sala de estar en Miami a 4 oficinas regionales que sirven a 34 condados.

En nuestra oficina se escucha la frase “Un árbol no puede crecer sin sus raíces” y este crecimiento orgánico no se alcanza sin tener unas raíces sólidas con la comunidad. Desde que nos aventuramos a estas nuevas comunidades, hemos sido afortunados de encontrar nuevos miembros para el equipo que no sólo honran a sus familias, sino también a los clientes al brindarles un servicio increíble con integridad, enfocándose en el propósito en vez de los proyectos. Al permitir que este grupo de expertos locales, quienes cuentan con una capacitación de nuestra Universidad y cultura de Sprinklermatic, es por eso, que nuestros miembros de equipo, clientes, y comunidad están mas seguros juntos. ¡Gracias por eso!

Estamos constantemente agradecemos con la continua lealtad de nuestros clientes lo que no ha alentado a evolucionar a través de los anos. No importaba si estaba relacionando a un adiestramiento o a una póliza de seguro diferente, nos gustara o no, esto nos impulsó a hacer una mejor compañía y ser los mejores líderes.

Mentor George “Gene” Collier, 2005

Estar en el negocio de rociadores contra incendios no es glamoroso. No recibimos el reconocimiento por colocar la electricidad en el edificio, o por colocar un pedazo de madera, o por la calidad del trabajo final. Nuestro reconocimiento significa que lo que hacemos al diario en nuestro trabajo funcionó cuando se suponía. La forma en que honramos a nuestro equipo de trabajo y nuestros clientes que siguen nuestros códigos y estándares para asegurar que las vidas y los edificios que protegemos sean más importantes que el reconocimiento. Por lo tanto, hemos sido reconocido como una de las mejores compañías especializadas de construcción y nos damos cuenta de que esto no lo hubiéramos logrado sin ustedes. Es por eso volvemos a decirles “!Gracias! Apreciamos lo que han hecho por nosotros”.

Robin & Tim


Sprinklermatic office, 2001

Best Practices Day, Sprinklermatic headquarters, 2018

fire protection tampa - services provided by sprinklermatic florida

Fire Protection Tampa Florida: Extending Our Services

Extending Our Services: Fire Protection Tampa Florida

Go west young man, Go West!

In a small office in the corner of a home, with a pipe rack and fittings in the garage, Sprinklermatic sprung from its humble beginnings in 1987. With long nights of accounting, estimating, days of turning wrenches and honoring clients, little by little, a formidable brand has been built in the South Florida market, building some of the tallest towers and most complex projects in town. 

The team of now more than 210 members has decided to go west. Our client base of contractors and developers has asked that we push into the Gulf Coast market so we will follow the road map that made us successful some 30 years ago: hard work and humility. It is imperative that our successes on the East Coast transition west, bringing years of experience in leadership to a growing market, and offering design-build delivery methods and knowledge of systems to an area that will soon require multiple zone pumps in its quest for taller structures. Sprinklermatic’s team will be an obvious answer for the coming challenges.

The team, led by Robin Collier in estimating and sales and Timothy O’Brien in operations looks forward to bringing solutions to a new marketplace. We offer training and education on estimating of fire protection as it relates to the most current standards and state requirements, along with best practices in closeout of projects that minimize stretched dates on certificate of occupancy. Sprinklermatic’s goal is to not only deliver our discipline on time but to assist the team in bringing all of the life-safety systems across the finish line in a well-sequenced, collaborative manner. In addition, we maintain a high bonding capacity ($20 million single and $50 million aggregate) with Liberty Mutual and an A+XV A M Rating, with additional job references available upon request.

Fire Protection Tampa Florida offered by Sprinklermatic

Moving West - Fire Protection Tampa, Florida

The obvious concern for all parties pushing west is manpower. Our solution is simple: We will only sign up for what we can do. Our success in South Florida has simply been following through with our word. Sprinklermatic’s goal is to personally come and meet with your team, introduce our highly qualified West Coast team, and determine how we can partner with you in making your next project a success with the same humble, hardworking approach that has given us the opportunity to do so.

For more information, please feel free to reach us at 813 508-2776, Robin@sprinklermatic.net or Tim@Sprinklermatic.net

Best Practices Day - Family First

Sprinklermatic Best Practices Day - Family First

For all of my years, the Thanksgiving holiday has been a very emotional time. In my earliest years, it was a great family event where I learned to help others whether in school doing a turkey drive or feeding the homeless.  Those values have become tradition and each year I am reminded of how fortunate we are.   For the last several years, although grateful and thankful, I have struggled with the holiday season as it has reminded me of loss.  Having lost the two best men I have ever known during the holiday season, I cannot help but be reminded of loss at this time of year.

This week, as we celebrated Best Practices Day, I believe I had a breakthrough.  As I watched the team enjoy a great family first event and watched them help each other, I realized that the loss that I struggle with is the basis for what had been created in Best Practices Day.  When Robin and I first started to talk about Best Practices Day, it was a time to better the team; to build values and promote culture.  Yesterday, as I watched the men and women of Sprinklermatic interact, I was overwhelmed with the culture and values that we have become.

While talking to the team, I heard things like, “…Word on the street is that Sprinklermatic is the place to be”. I heard a young helper say that he will be in the superintendents’ picture in the coming years.  A superintendents told me that he would soon start in a CAD class to become a designer.  I witnessed a leader of 14 years get overcome with emotion when asked about our culture.  I saw pictures of family members being shared, presidents of local companies commented on how impressive the team is.  The Collier girls were met with big smiles from the team, my wife was amazed by how many of the men and women gushed over our soon to be daughter.

As I stood at the end of the day fighting back a tear and addressing the team in the pouring rain, a rainbow broke through the clouds.  At that moment, I was reminded that Robin and I have been groomed and mentored by the amazing men and women who have taught us about family and it is our purpose to promote those same values everyday with the team!




Inspired by Humble Beginnings

Inspired by Humble Beginnings

This month as we start the third quarter and enter into the beginning of the Holiday season we are reminded of where we came from. Two years ago this month the Sprinklermatic family lost the man who started it all in the corner of his Living room, having been a Union Sprinkler Fitter George Eugene “Gene” Collier, made a decision to open the doors almost Thirty years ago. It was certainly an adventure with modest beginnings and family values, the men and women who have come before us were often reminded how hard to work and what effort to put in, by Genes desire to be the first guy on the job and most nights the guy who turned off the lights. With Robin as his helper pulling fittings from under the skateboard ramp, good friends and team members it wasn’t long before the corner of the living room became a small corner office. Gene challenged everyone he met to give the most, and to be rewarded for exactly what they gave. An eternal student and teacher there were very few pages left un- read in the presence of Gene Collier, he may have been the only qualifier in town who really enjoyed CEUs, it gave him a chance to crack open the “red book”. He would require us to read the “book” ask questions, challenge the inspector and know that a partial pass is a failure.

He firmly believed in the fact that the field is the heartbeat of the company and that our brand is more valuable than the bank account. He was adamant about keeping commitments, and building something to be proud of. He assured us that this is a big city “and we don’t have to work for everyone”.  As the company transitioned he became our mentor, grooming us with these basic values to grow the business in any economy by honoring and inspiring the team that works so hard.

It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for sure, and you certainly knew when he wasn’t pleased, however when you got it right there was guaranteed to be conch salad for lunch or milk shakes around 3.  He loved to laugh, even at terrible jokes about cats that ran out of gas, he was easily softened by his granddaughters and in the end he wanted one thing and one thing only and that was to have made a difference in other people’s lives.

It is with this quick note that we say THANK YOU Gene Collier, for making a difference in our lives, for being a father, friend, mentor, entrepreneur and most of all an inspiration to all of us to carry out the core values that make a difference in people’s lives.