No More Fire Watch!

Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems provide the rent fire pumps service throughout several emergency diesel fire pump trailers available for immediate assistance when your Fire Pump is down and you can’t afford to be without Fire protection service. These portable Fire pumps will get your facility back in service and avoid costly Fire Department Fire Watch.

Our fleet of temporary pump rigs are versatile and easily implemented in any situation. We have the capability to mobilize and renew fire protection to down systems, so safe occupancy may continue with minimal interruption.

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Fire Pump Rental Benefits

  1. Fast Response
  2. Quick solutions
  3. 24 Hours turn around
  4. No more firewatch
  5. Affordable solution
  6. Outstanding performance
  7. 100% Satisfaction

Temporary Fire Pumps Available

  1. CAMPBELL -(750 GPM @150 PSI)
  2. STAR -(1,000 GPM @160 PSI)
  3. RAINN -(1,500 GPM @70 PSI)
  4. SUMMER -(1,500 GPM @107 PSI)
  5. BESSIE -(2,000 GPM @110 PSI)